October 20th, 2006

I give up

Dear UW community,

For the past three years I left the computer world for the business school and Finances. The only remnant of my computer past is that I've been the webmaster of the Finance club at the University of Washington for the last 3 years; I believe I am pretty successful in what do with the website. However, after fighting for 4 hours with Perl and CGI I give up. I realize I need the help of my old friends, the people I use to hang out with on Friday nights and play countless hours of counter strike with. The only problem is that they are all at some over colleges, and I am left all alone among a bunch of business majors.

So in short do you guys know where I can get some help on campus to set up a pretty basic blog for my club's website? I just need to figure out where the address of the Perl directory is, or some basic things like linking a myUW account to the website etc... Again I am not doing that for myself but for my club :)

Yours truly,
An old computer geek who just found out some huge bug!

lounging by the lake

Econ 200

Hey people,

Does anybody know where I can download Eugene Silberberg's Podcast for Econ 200!?!?  Much appreciated if I could get the site...


PS.  It's not raining out yet!!


Okay, so now I found the site, but I need a username and password.  And the UW net ID does NOT work.  Any suggestions? Or does anybody have this class too and know what to put!?!?

Sorry I'm retarded guys...
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