October 14th, 2006

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Network issues at Nordheim

Is anyone else experiencing limited or no connectivity at Nordheim? I've been having problems with my ethernet since this afternoon and I have no clue what's going on. My roommate's ethernet is working fine, but I looked through all the wireless networks my computer detected and they all have low connectivity also.

As a note, it's not a firewall, or virus problem. I'm extremely good about those things. Maybe one of the servers crashed ...?
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b&w film

Does anyone know a good place where I can get my black and white film processed... not with the color processing chemicals that will do Kodak b&w? I would normally do it myself, but I don't have access or the time to do so anymore.


Go Go Super Seniors!!

Anybody else receive that friendly (i.e. composed of thinly veiled threats/insults) little email today from the UW admin threatening to eat your first born child if you don't sign a promise to gradumacate by the end of next quarter (or in 2 quarters if you're real nice/good at bribing/have an "Uncle Vino")?

It's not like I think I'll have a hard time getting my petition approved, I just REALLY don't need this extra busy work at the moment...

That, and I'm bitter. You know what UW Admin? You're the ones who so woefully underfund my department to the point where they can only offer one required-for-the-major class a quarter (2 in spring quarter! Yeehaw!)! So yes, go ahead and punish me for your refusal to adequately fund academics at this university while you earn top $$$ for your jobs (don't get me started on the disparity between your salaries and that of "regular" staff and your blatant refusal to give more than ONE meager c.o.l. pay increase in 15 years in an area that has seen skyrocketing c.o.l. in the same time period). Punish me for my love and appreciation of learning that drove to take *gasp!* more than one course a quarter while I was waiting for my department to catch up. Punish my willingness to pump ever more tuition money out of my shallow pockets into your bursting pocketbooks. Because you are a university administration and know what it means to be an institute of "higher learning", right? Right. I'm sure you do. I'm sure you care passionately about education, as you've demonstrated over the years. Yes, you certainly have your priorities straight.


(NOTE: This is a bitter rant, and nothing more. Yes, I understand there are reasons for these rules. I just happen to think these rules suck at the moment because I am bitter and frustrated. Will I abide by these rules? Yes. Will I do so with a smile on my face? Probably -but that's just because I'm a dork whose facial muscles seem to think that this is an appropriate way to express any and all emotions. Will I do so while imagining the admin in many situations of public humiliation for my own entertainment? Absolutely. Feel free to join in.)

"Is America Driving You Crazy?"

There's a pretty interesting-looking lecture involving mental health and American politics and economics Monday night, at 7:00 in Kane 130.

I didn't think to copy the email before I deleted it, but apparently:
America has the highest rates of psychiatric perscriptions.
The growing part of the drug market is preteens.
Some other interesting stuff that for some reason I didn't copy down because I guess I don't think on Saturdays.
Anyway, this is somehow all related to the structure of modern America.

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