October 13th, 2006


The Con-Man On Campus

Remember the conman who kept asking people for money for gas a few months ago? He just spent an hour and a half talking to me in the HUB. Said he's from Texas and they're kicking him out of the Union Gospel Mission in 20 minutes. Is waiting for disability checks (he's got an ankle broken from a 1989 California earthquake magnitude 6.8). Says he's a playwright about minorities in urban areas. Yadda yadda yadda he's going to rent an apartment in West Seattle.

I recognized him as the EXACT SAME GUY who asked me for $20 for gas on 50th a week ago, so I just wasted his time and waited for the pitch. He asked for some money to buy food in the HUB, and I offered him pretzels, which he declined (says he wants something with "more substance". I think I caught him off-guard. If anyone gets this same man, just pick up your bag and say you've got a ham sandwich that he can have, you weren't going to eat it anyway, then report what he does. Let's mess with this guy.

I was trying to decide whether to confront him, saying e.g. "Aren't you the same guy who asked me for some gas money two weeks ago?". I decided against it because I don't know what he would do. Might punch me or worse, but he might laugh and say "No, that's not me."

Please watch out for this guy and don't give him any money! He's short-ish, 5-foot-6, black, with a pencil-sharpener chin, about five teeth missing, nearly bald, and with a circular head shape. His patter is very smooth (he asked me how to get to University Village, then came back saying that it was too steep and he's got a bad ankle, then we talked about the area). I would not have known he was a conman if I'd not read earlier posts about him.