October 8th, 2006

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Is E1 and E8 the only free parking spots on Sunday? Or can I park anywhere for free on Sunday?
I want to say NO I didn't check the memory and I don't care what you say; but I did check the memories by fear of being harassed.

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Could someone give me a few words on what they feel is feminine? I've been doing extremely informal research on gender studies, and I'd like some opinions, especially on old-fashioned concepts focusing around domestic chores.
Foxy browser.

Printing Services

I need to print out a 20x30 inch poster in color. What is the best place on campus/U-District to do this?

I know MGH, OUGL and Health Sciences prints them off in 30 min. for $11, but any advice here would be much appreciated.

Are there any places to particularly avoid? (ie, due to long lines, frequent paper jams, never have ink, takes forever, etc).
baby wen wen!

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I thought this might be something you guys (and especially girls) would like to know.

I walked to a party with my room mate last night, and as we were walking down 45th, right before the Burke Museum, I happend to look to my right, into the bushed, and there was a fat, naked man masturbating in the bushes. I called the police and they found his stuff, but the last I heard they hadn't found him.

Moral of the story: ALWAYS use the buddy system, especially after dark.
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