October 6th, 2006


Lost Patch

Hey guys. I lost a patch a couple days ago, probably either in Kane 120 or around said building (although it IS possible it could be anywhere between Kane and the Music building, including the Quad ;_;). Anyways; it's a circular patch with red, white and blue rings with a fist in the center, and it says "Spirit Force Karate Assn".

It has sentimental value. Please give a shout if you see it!
pon de lion

(no subject)

Hey guys, are there any common-use microwaves in any of the Hansee wings? I know that the kitchenettes only have stoves, but as my food and food products consist mainly of EZ Mac, instant oatmeal, and tupperware, I could really use a microwave if they're hiding one from me somewhere.

(no subject)

Hi there!

Does anyone know of a cheap place to get a computer fixed? There is something wrong with the ports on mine and I think they need to be reset or reassigned or something.
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Full time status?

What qualifies as "full time"? I remember it was 12 credits, but is it true that number has gone up to 15?

(And I realize a little research could probably answer this question, but I'm sick and the screen is blurry... and Santa didn't bring me a pony, and my diamond shoes are too big. Woe is me.)