October 4th, 2006

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Anyone else rather uncomfortable with the notion that instead of a UPASS sticker, we'll now have microchips in our Husky Cards? That would make our usage of busses entirely trackable, and call me old-fasioned, but there was once this notion of "privacy" that seems to being dying off rather rapidly. If we're stuck with this change, I do hope we can be ever-vigilant to protect what is left of our personal privacy. Below the cut is a letter to the editor for The Daily which I just wrote.

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Left a sketchbook and neverwhere, a neil gaiman book somewhere; I suspect the Hub. Let me know if you find them? (Already checked lost&found and with the janitors)
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Catalog for 2007

I know someone's asked this question a few months ago...

Where can I find the calendar that will say when the new Winter, Spring, and Summer 2007 course catalogs will be released onto our MyUWs?

I've checked the Memories, but the website I was directed to only goes to 2005...

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I'm looking for a cheap skateboard, and I don't like buying stuff online. Does anyone know where I can get one around here with as little money as possible, or if any of you have one you're never going to use again, can I buy it off of you?