September 30th, 2006

Earring, Blonder, Cuff
  • zeblith

Lost Necklace

Hey everyone, I managed to lose my choker necklace yesterday. It's made out of cords of leather (Two in a loop tied in square knots and one cord for the beads, I think), black and reddish-brown in color, with a series of green/dark green beads in the middle. It doesn't have a clasp, just a tail of those leather cords and a loop to tie it to/around. If you manage to find it, please comment or e-mail me at zeblith at u.wa... It's not worth anything, it just means a lot to me. Thanks.

Call for musicians who love fair trade coffee!!!!

The Fair Trade Coffee Coalition will be cooperating with Witness for Peace Northwest and the Audubon Society to host a Colombian fair-trade farmer speak at Cafe Allegro (42nd & the ave/15th) on Friday October 13th. That evening we are looking for some musicians to provide some chill acoustic entertainment. We can hook you up with free (fair trade!) coffee =]

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