September 28th, 2006

oh tuition. what fun, what fun.

okay, so i'm a new resident of the state (i moved here, seattle IS my permanent, i vote here, this is the state for my driver's license, i am considered by the state to be a resident, i will be paying taxes here, etc.), but i'm still paying out of state tuition. anyone know how i can change that? i'm not just here for school; i live here. so, my question is how do i change from out-of-state tuition to in-state tuition.

i'm looking for a website or someone i can go talk to, not some long dialog of how i think i'm special. 'cause i don't, i'm just trying to figure this out.

thankyou ever so much for your help.
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Anybody know of a place that sells silent digital timers? I checked Rite Aid and Office Depot but they didn't even have cheap digital watches. What I need is an exam timer, basically, but any sort of digital timer with a sound off option will work.

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