September 27th, 2006

stargate: atlantis Rodney

CHID science fiction focus group

The first day of class has traditionally been one of urgently dropped classes and schedule changes. Maybe you’ve realized three 400 level math classes will do “festive” things to your brain. Maybe you’re just in the market for another 2 credits. Whatever the scheduling reason, there is a brand shiny new class for you.

There is a CHID 2-credit focus group that I’m helping organize that hasn’t been listed for registration yet. I just today finalized the day and time with the professor helping me. If you decide you want to do this speak up with a comment and I’ll tell when you can register. The title is something alone the lines of…


The “What If?” Question of Science Fiction

Science Fiction is potent because it gives us a literary space to explore the big "What If?" questions about ourselves and how we should live. This focus group will use pieces of mixed media Utopia/Dystopia fiction to examine our different conceptions of society, human behavior and visions of the future. We'll question what these cautionary tales of police states and failed ideals can teach us today. For each the group will also look to its context in order to understand how it was a product of a time and place.




This will be a small discussion group (not more than 10 or 12 people) which meets Wednesdays from 4:30-6:20 in the CHID lounge. The first meeting is next Wednesday at the normal time and place. As a group we’ll pick which books we want to read and any movies we’d rather watch instead. If there is a paper at all it will be a short one due at the end of the quarter. Focus groups are really awesome because it’s an environment where you can relax and chat about something interesting that you’ve helped choose.


Email me at with any questions, but it would be faster to comment here.


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does anyone know when the uw stopped doing the direct transfer agreement? i was never a transfer student, but i feel like they stopped accepting transfers for awhile somewhere around fall quarter 2004 and that's also when they stopped with the direct transfer agreement. but i was just having a discussion about this with someone and they think it was actually a year later than that, and neither of us can figure it out. if anyone has any idea whatsoever i'd be terribly excited to know. and yes, i checked the memories.

Selling MAT 307 and 309 book/manual

$100.70 for used at the bookstore, i sell it for $80. My CD is still in plastic wrap and there's no highlighting. The cover looks new as well.

$46.25 for the new student manual at the book store, i sell it for $30 and I've never used it.

Contact me at or find me on thefacebook and leave a msg.. =))

If you really don't like the condition or the books (which i assume won't happen cuz i speak the truth ), then u can cancel the deal whenever =)

textbook for sale

Does anyone need a MATH 307 textbook? I'm selling an "Elementary Differential Equations 8th Edition" softcover International version that I used last Spring. It's lighter than the hardcover, but about the same dimensions. There aren't any marks or highlights inside, and the content is all in color and on reasonably good paper (I say this because sometimes softcover versions can shaft you in those areas). There is a crease and some other marks on the cover, and the corners are a teensy bit worn (one looks like it got wet, but that was before I used it). Overall, though, it's in pretty good shape.

Suggeted price is $35, but I'll take the best offer I can get. And hey, if you already bought the book from the U bookstore, you can return it until the 11th.

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Happy learnings!