September 25th, 2006

  • sus7

Looking for work?

Ok, I know how "far" Ballard is from the UW, but if you're looking for very part-time work, and feel like coming out to the giant wind tunnel that is Market street, then I have room for you. This is not a "pay my tuition" position. This is less than 10 hours a week, which will takes place on either a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Sunday night.

Q: Will more hours open up over time?
A: Not guaranteeing anything until May, sorry. Unless the rest of the staff quits, we are running a bare-bones operation here.

Q: If it's so bare-bones, why are you currently hiring?
A: Two words: highschool students. They whine, they moan, they claim they are available every night after school but the are fat with lies. We are filthy with high school students, which is usually pretty cool because they get some good experience etc, but they are apparently busy every night I need them.

Q: What kind of job is this, anyways?
A: It is food service in the off season, so it is mostly cleaning and prep :)...can I say ice cream shop? I swear it's tasty! Free ice cream and a hefty employee discount, plus a chance to do some really cool things *that you can't know about until you work here*.

Q: Pay?
A: Minimum to start, chances to go up a bit with taking a more active role.

Q: Where do I sign up?!?
A: Leave me a comment and somehow we'll figure things out.

Come on, guys, I know someone wants some pocket money!

(no subject)

What do you love about UW?

What do you hate?

What kind of things are there to do, downtown, eateries, what kind of vibe/atmosphere?

How is the Art History program? French?

Easy to meet people? (This always seemed like a silly question. But on some college sites they say 'its really hard to meet people', but really I geuss it just depends on the person...I may have answered my own question.)

Erm..., that is all. College Applications are comming up soon...the tangled web gets thicker.