September 22nd, 2006

Free Poster!

The UW Copy Centers are having a nice promotion - "Turn your favorite photo into a dorm-room decoration. Get a FREE, laminated, color poster online at:".

I just picked mine up, and it turned out quite nice.

Edit: Heck, if you don't want a free poster, I have other pictures I wouldn't mind hanging on my wall... ^_^

Edit^2: The posters are 11" x 17". The size limit of the picture was...I think it was 990,000 bytes. Not 990kb. 990,000 bytes.
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[me] edinburgh sunrise


Does anyone have a copy of Animal Behavior by John Alcock they'd like to sell me? Or any of the books for European Witch Trials?

Also, do any of you guys know if everyone taking French201 this quarter has the have the new edition of En Bonne Forme? It hasn't been listed on the website yet, but the bookstore has the new edition for 201 and the old one for 202/203. Odd.

ETA: Did freshmen get those nifty UW planners this year? If so, are there any want to gift/sell me theirs?
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