September 20th, 2006

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Has everyone gotten their U-PASS and registration stickers already? I know they were mailed out last Tuesday, and one of my roommates got hers on Thursday (we live by Northgate) but mine was supposed to be mailed to my home address in Portland, and it hasn't showed up yet. It shouldn't take more than a week to get here, should it? Should I be worried?
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so I have talked to three local bike shops, and all of them have told me that I am going to have a very hard time finding a bike because I am 5'0. I am interested in a bike that can help me get around campus and the city. Does anyone know of any good places I can try to get one? (a used bike would be ideal.) Or does anyone have one that the could sell to me? thanks :)

Parking on the Weekend

Ok everybody - I applied for a parking spot at Stevens Court. Still no word back. I'm picking up my roommate this Friday night at the airport and driving her back to our apartment. I was just going to spend the night there and unpack stuff. So my question: what should I do about parking overnight on Friday? I'm also going to the game Saturday so I want to leave my car there. I remember reading somewhere that parking is free during a certain time on the weekend, but I don't know when. Could someone please give me some advice? Anything is greatly appreciated. I plan on calling parking services tomorrow about my permit.... Thank you guys!