September 18th, 2006

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Freshman Classes

So incoming Freshman here and I am unsure of taking so many credits; 18 to start with.  I'm usually a super good worker and work best under stress.  Has anybody taken these classes and if so, how many hours did you dedicate to it.  Also I am evenutally doing the Premedical thing, hence chemistry the first quarter...any thoughts??

  • Chemistry 142 General Chemisty   ZOLLER,W
  • UConJ 501 International Health  WADE,D
  • Economics 200 Intro to Microeconomics SILBERBERG,E
  • Sociology 287 Sociology of Sexuality SCHWARTZ,P
  • General Studies 199 University Community WALKER,R 

    Thanks for the input :p
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    One last time (in case I missed anyone before)

    Is there a (female) student out there who currently has a single in Hansee for Fall Quarter who would like to switch me rooms? I have one of those awesome L-shaped double rooms in McMahon.


    I don't really know if HFS allows "switches" but I do know that they have to exhaust the wait list before they can honor any room change requests, which they've told me probably won't be until Winter Quarter--and I'd love love love to get a single now.


    resident dining account

    well we are gettin close to moving into the dorms and i need to kno if our dining plans our redited to our accounts whe we move in or are they not credited until the 27th when classes begin. i kno we can put money on our husky accounts but i was jus curious if we would have resident dining accounts on the 21st through the 27h so plz respond if you kno


    A post was made earlier about the period between move-in and the first day of the quarter and what exactly and how exactly we're supposed to eat, and as I've watched the thread, no answer really has been given, or at least not in the sense that it's crystal clear, and I actually do want to know.

    Are the funds from one's dining level made available on move-in, or at the beginning of the quarter, or something like that?

    I don't care about the husky card account, I know how that works, nothing special, I just want to know if I have to put my own money forward for food up until the 27th.


    Article: Some Colleges Shifting Focus to Teaching

    Here's an interesting article about how colleges like UW are starting to focus more on teaching undergraduates and less on research.

    Since UW is a research institution, in the past they have valued star researchers over star teachers, because distinguished researchers bring in money and prestige. However with rising tuition costs, students are becoming less tolerant of incompetent teaching assistants. Washington is one of the schools noted in the article to have increased training with experts to mentor new TA's and major training conferences held each year.

    In the past you could get away with being poor in the class room, as long as you published great papers. According to Donald Wulff, who heads up Washington's Center for Instructional Development and Research, "To get tenure you have to be a great researcher and I think a medium-quality teacher. In the past, being a great researcher and a poor teacher sufficed."

    It's nice to see that the UW cares about our education despite the focus on research. For the most part the instructors I've taken have been very good. Occasionally there is a terrible instructor or one that isn't fluent in English. Still the quality of instruction can be improved, and I'm glad UW is taking steps to accomplish this. What do you think about this?