September 16th, 2006

car question

i looked through the memories and didn't see anything relevant, so here i ask:

i've brought my car (1998 volvo s70) up to uw for the first time, and i'll be keeping it with me through the school year and the summer. my questions are these:

where's a good place to get it washed?

where's a good place to get it serviced/oil changed/etc?

thank you :)
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The last time I did the whole dorm move in thing, I was a freshman. Now I'm moving back to the dorms as a senior (don't ask).

Is check-in day as insane as it was four years ago? Last time, we sat in a parking lot for three hours before we were allowed to actually move in. I've heard rumors that there as been a move by HFS to make this less insane.

Also, I have an assigned time slot to move in. Do you know how long the time slots run during the day? As in, what is the latest time slot before "official" check-in is over? It is tempting just to show up that evening with my stuff.
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Anyone here in law school?  I'm applying for fall of '07 and UW is my first choice - I *love* Seattle, and I want to do the International/Human Rights track.  Any comments/opinions/suggestions about Gates or about Seattle's HR scene in general?


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