September 13th, 2006

  • maeveh


Has anyone received theirs yet? The website says they're sent out two weeks before the beginning of classes ... which would be, well, now ... yet I haven't received mine.
quequito estrellas

web based classes

The time schedule says SPAN 310 is web-based, but also shows class times.  What part of it is web-based?  I had assumed there would be no in-class time, or at least for not much of the week, like, it wouldn't be another language class that always meets 5 days a week in class.  Is the time schedule just improperly informed?  How much class time actually exists?

McCarty Beds

To anyone who has lived in McCarty Hall:
Do the mattresses require Twin XL sheets? I know the beds in Lander/Terry required XL, but heard that Mercer beds needed regular twin sheets. Just checking if it matters in McCarty.