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Tuesday, September 12th, 2006

Time:12:07 am.
So I'm thinking about getting a tattoo done in the Seattle/Bellevue general area, and like most tattoo posts I'm looking for suggestions about where to get it done. I'm getting a phrase done in script, so any place you know of that has an artist particularly skilled in that would be great- also I'm (I'll admit) kind of a yuppy- so a place that looks nice would be a bonus (not a requirement, it's more a comfort thing- but hey, if I'm hearing great things about any one place there could be an orgy going on in the back room and I'd be down lol).

Thanks for the help!

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Time:4:21 pm.
Hi. I'm looking to see if anyone would be interested in playing some tennis on or around campus before school starts. Age or sex doesn't matter at all. I'm a decent-somewhat good player and am looking for someone to play a few competitive sets with. Respond here if you're interested. And if this sounds good to you but you aren't back at school yet you should still respond because we could play some later day. Thanks!
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Subject:Biology Department
Time:5:10 pm.
I tried looking through the memories but couldn't find an answer to my question.
I am currently a senior in high school doing Running Start to earn my AS Degree which would be transferable to the UW Biology Department. I am currently focused on General and Molecular biology. I am curious to know what the biology department at the UW is like.

Thanks for the help!
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Time:5:13 pm.
How early do I need to have my textbooks? I can't order online, and it would be a big hassle for me to go to Seattle before the 24th, but if it's important I can make it. Am I expected to give the books more than a cursory glance before class? (My parents, back in the day, were. My lazy Running Start classes were not.) Does the bookstore run out of good, used books? Are the lines crazy? If you could take a second and let me know how this whole college thing has gone for you, I'd really appreciate it.
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Time:9:23 pm.
What's up Husky faithful!

http://guidetouw.blogspot.com is a new blog for UW students by UW students.

If you have any feedback, are interested in submitting original articles, or have topic suggestions email me at csipe84@u.washington.edu!
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