September 11th, 2006

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  • myilow

Bookstore Rebate

Has anyone received their rebate from the UW Bookstore yet? I just got mine today, and was appalled to discover that I had received a rebate card for merchandise credit, instead of my usual check for cold, hard cash. I don't even recall reading anywhere that this change had been made - did anyone else?
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Wireless-less in Greenlake

Hi guys. I recently moved to east Greenlake (near Woodlawn & Ravenna) and because I haven't had neither the will nor bravery to search for nice cafes in my immediate area, I've been going to Zoka's (in Greenlake/Wallingford) for their wireless connection. I'm pretty sure that Starbucks' wireless access is never free (T-Mobile?), so I am hoping that you will have something else to recommend me. Preferably somewhere with a decent volume (I consider Zoka pretty decent) and numerous outlets. Ideally, it would be a place I could walk to within 10 min. Thanks :)