September 7th, 2006

Textbooks for sale

All of the books are in good condition, with little to no markings.

*Europe Today 2nd Edition- Ronald Tiersky $20
*Jazz Styles; History and Analysis 8th Edition- Mark C. Gridley $20
*Introduction to Forests and Renewable Resources 7th Edition Sharpe, Hendee, Sharpe $30
*Human Sexuality 6th Edition- Lois McDermott $15
*Culture and Sexuality 5th Edition- Lois McDermott $25

Stevens Court

Anyone here living in Stevens Court this year?

I just got the letter today about when you can move in and what apartment I'm in. However, it says nothing about WHERE you go the day you want to move in - where do you go to get your keys, etc? I'm new to Stevens, so I have no idea whatsoever. Can anyone enlighten me? They gave the hours for Terry Hall Desk, but nothing about Stevens in particular.... Thanks!