September 1st, 2006

Sun Bear

Piggyback posting

Since some of the latest posts brushed on questions I myself have, I'll go ahead and put them out there:

1. VLPA requirements. Which courses are enjoyable, enlightening, easy, or otherwise worthy of putting into a science kid's 20 VLPA credits? If it's a large lecture format, make special note of how many people actually showed up to a typical session -- if there were sixteen regular attendees and you thought the 200-person class was the best of your freshman year, that would be a detail worth hearing.

2. Language requirements. Indonesian, Portuguese, or Spanish? Does anyone know if Engrish or Piglatin is going to be added soon?

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Participate in a Tablet PC user study!

Hi, folks! I'm doing a research project where you'll get to play around on a Tablet PC, and we're looking for participants. If you want to help out, let me know.


Here's the official advertisement:


Participate in a Tablet PC user study!

This is a computer user interface research study is being conducted at the University of Washington. Its purpose is to compare different methods of erasing ink on Tablet PCs. You will be asked to erase digital ink using several different methods. The entire session will take approximately 60-80 minutes. You are eligible to participate if you have no more than 1 hour of experience inking on a Tablet PC and if you do not have any visual difficulty distinguishing dark red and light green (you will be screened for this if you choose to participate). Participation is voluntary. We cannot assure the confidentiality of any information sent by e-mail.

To take part, email me, Sandra B. Fan at sbfan @ u.wash...etc. the usual.