August 31st, 2006

Stevens Court

Someone posted this about Nordheim the other day - and I was curious about Stevens, so the question is: What do you recommend bringing to Stevens? What sort of stuff does the apartment come with? does it come with kitchen things?? Also, anyone live in building D before? How is it? Thanks guys.

(no subject)

Hi. I'm taking Chem 142 and Math 308 in the fall. I'm not if I should keep my Psych 101 with Prezhdo. Could you suggest some fun, low stress liberal arts classes. (Maybe with less big papers) Topic isn't much of a problem since I want to try something new. Thanks.

Drama 211

Has anyone here taken Drama 211 - costume design?

I am enrolled in it for fall quarter, only because I need to finish off my VLPA requirements, and I'd like to learn how to sew and dye. However, I hear from a friend who graduated as a Drama major that it's an intensive class. I don't need a lot of work from a class not in my major/minors, since I have a busy fall quarter schedule and have a job.

Is it a fun, worthwhile class? Or should I just switch to something like Ling 200?

Returning Students

Does anyone know the amount of time it generally takes for an application to go through for returning students? I just took a little less than a year off and I'm returning for winter quarter and I'm just a little anxious about the process and what they look at since the application was pretty barren.
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Drinks (non-alcoholic) on the Ave.

There are so many good drinks on the Ave and I have so many favorites ($2 bottomless chai at Cedars on Brooklyn, Yunnies hot barely tea, Trabant chai, Allegro on 42nd coffee in a glass mug, hot thai tea from Shinkas) but I'm definitely on the hunt for more since I work in the area. My recommendations for yours?
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Italian 111

So, I'm at that horrible state in my college career where I am forced to take a language. I want to take as little quarters as possible and am interested in Italian, I see there is a 10 credit Italian 111 course. If I choose to take that I will have 17 credits.
How intense is that course? What is the class like? What sort of course work is included with the 2 hour a day lectures?
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Transfer -- Lacking Credits

I have a friend that was accepted to the UW as a transfer student, but still needed to complete credits summer quarter at a community college to get her AA. During the credit evaluation over summer quarter it was determined that she was 11 credits short of completing her AA. My concern is that this may jeopardize her entering the UW this fall quarter.

A few notes: she was accepted without any academic holds or anything, her myuw looks normal, she is signed up for classes, and her tuition statement is up.

Should I be worried for her? And if so, what should we do?

Math 124 textbook questions...

On the UW bookstore website, there are two textbooks for Math 124. One is 0-534-00927-1 (9780534009274) and the other is 0-534-08277-7 (97800534082772). I can't find much information about either book online because they seem to be packages. I do know that buying either one is fine. If anybody has bought one or both of these book packages, can you tell me what exactly they include?

I'm in North Carolina right now; otherwise, I'd go in myself to check. The bookstore seemed clueless when I called them.
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(no subject)

I'm in Seattle for a conference this weekend and I want to check out UW if I have some free time. I'm around the area of the convention center, staying at a hotel at Broadway and Madison. Can someone tell me the cheapest and easiest way to get up to campus to check it out that doesn't involve walking?
Brooklyn [TMBG]

More self-indulgent than important.

I guess it is about time to leave this community, now that I am home from my exchange. Academically, I guess the UDub wasn't for me, but I enjoyed my 2 quarters of enrollment and my 1 quarter of just kind of hanging around pretending to be enrolled. I just moved back last week from my little room on Greek Row to my folks' little house in ghetto-fab Coney Island (NYC), and yesterday (Thursday) was my first day back at the City University of NY's Hunter College, beginning my 5th and (god-willing) final year as an undergraduate (if you don't count that I wasn't taking classes last Spring quarter).

Anyway, I just felt like saying goodbye. Take-home message, you kids are way lucky that you get to attend such a well-funded and well-maintained college with such a diversity of academic programs. And you're lucky to have a campus full of flowers, a lake to play in, a view of mountains, and more than 6 buildings. Enjoy it!! But if you've ever considered doing National Student Exchange to my school, which is the only member in New York City, I do encourage you. You'll get to experience a city that you may find striking when compared to Seattle, you'll get a decent education (not to mention easier good grades; your grades on exchange actually don't factor in to your GOA anyway though) for the semester or year, you'll meet allllll kinds of people, and when you get back home you'll see your tall trees and the colorful flowers you have everywhere and your mountains with brand new eyes. And maybe you'll understand why someone from my school sees your campus as something out of a fairytale world, hehe.

I miss Seattle already, even though I am glad to be eating my favorite foods again (best food ever!). I guess I'll stay a few days in case anyone wants to comment for some reason. But goodbye!!

If this was too long lemme know and I'll put it behind a cut.
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