August 30th, 2006


Question about buying books I guess. I want to buy several of my texts off of amazon because I have gift certificates thus making it significantly cheaper than the book-store prices. Only problems is, every book I've looked up so far has had a different ISBN number on amazon than what the book-store has recorded. Even though I'm pretty sure that most of them are the same edition/printing. Is any one else noticing a surprising number of ISBN number discrepancies?

I'm trying to figure out if there are online-website codes that the book-store books have or *something* that would account for the discrepancy before I buy because I don't want to be stuck with the wrong books. But surely not *every* text-book is going to come with this extra stuff or whatever it is that makes the book-store different? So should I just buy online, and hope for the best. Or wait until the start of school and get fleeced?

(I would just go check the book-store but I live too far away to make travel to Seattle possible until start-of-school/move-in)

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As an incoming freshman already enrolled in ITAL 101 and (for my honors core) Russian Lit and Culture (wanting to get into MATH 144 but that may, unfortunately not be possible due to the stupid FIGs)...what would you experienced Huskies recommend I take as a third course?