August 29th, 2006

Law school applications

For past and prior law school applicants: How does LSAC convert UW-type grades? I believe that they convert traditional A's into 4.0's and A-'s into 3.67's. Does that mean that any grade 3.7 or above for a class will be converted by LSAC into a 4.0, since it's technically an A still? Confused. Thanks in advance :)


i've heard some pretty awful things about comcast, and i know the quality of the cable reception i get in this sublet has been less than stellar, but it seems to be the option everyone goes with. my question then is what've your experiences with comcast been like (both cable and high-speed internet,) and is there another cable or isp that you'd suggest? i'm moving into a new place on the first and will shrivel up and die without my computer after too long.