August 28th, 2006


The Safeco Tower is now... the UW Tower?

From the UW Office of News and Information:
The University of Washington announced today that it has successfully negotiated the purchase of the Safeco property in the University District. This landmark transaction promises to expand academic space on the campus as administrative units are targeted for relocation to the Safeco building. The purchase will also enable the University to consolidate in the University District programs and operations that are scattered in leased space throughout the city, bringing these activities in much closer proximity to the University.
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(no subject)

Please feel free to delete if necessary.

There is a part-time weekend Activities job opening up at an Assisted Living facility in Shoreline.

Starting pay would be $10.00 an hour.

This is a very fun job, all you need is an outgoing and patient personality.

If you would like more information please contact Jill Martinez at

birth certificate

This is probably a long shot, but: does anyone here who is from Washington state and was born before 1989 (they stopped issuing them after that year) happen to have a wallet-sized version of their birth certificate? If so, do you know what information is listed on it?

I unfortunately happened to have it in my wallet which I believe was stolen while I was downtown yesterday, so I'm trying to determine just how much of my information is now floating in someone's hands..