August 24th, 2006


Library questions

I was just going to ask a quick question, but a visit to the King County Library System page sent me spinning into WTF? mode. People who live in Seattle are (as of October) no longer allowed to place holds on KCLS items, even if they pick them up at a KCLS library? WHAT? I'm about to make the move from Issaquah to Seattle, and this has me concerned. (Of course, KCLS needn't know my new address...)

If I've misunderstood this, please advise.

But on to my question. The Seattle Public Library is (obviously) on a different system from the rest of King County, for reasons I'll never fully comprehend. I've had Firefly on hold with KCLS for ages, and I seriously doubt it will come in before I move next month. So, in a nutshell,

Which of the KCLS libraries (map here) is closest and/or most convenient to the U district? (Bus information would be made of awesome.) Which is the best? I'm looking for basic geographical advice, since I'm retarded with maps, as well as personal experience. I know enought about traffic to realise that the closest isn't always the best...any information at all would be helpful.

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