August 23rd, 2006

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Has anyone taken MATH 134 Accelerated (Honors) Calculus?

I've taken a full year of IB Calculus and got a 4.0 in it but I didn't take the AP Calculus test. I've spoken with the director of the Math Department and I got the add code. I'm just wondering if it's going to be too challenging of a class, so any info would be great! Thanks in advance!

Also, according to, all the Chem 142 profs seem to be really bad. Is it true? I'm probably going to have Callis or Prezhdo (depending on if I take MATH 124 or 134). Any suggestions?

Real Change

In my 2 years of going to the UW/living in Seattle, I've NEVER gone to the Safeway on Brooklyn and 50th and the Real Change guy hasn't been there....has ANYBODY gone and he hasn't been there? Does he live there?!? Is he a robot or something?!? What do you guys think?
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