August 22nd, 2006

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thank you all for commenting back on my last post.

i'm writing thing because you  made me feel better about my situation and slightly more at home here in seattle.  because of how fast and how many of you responded i really feel like i'm part of a larger community.

thanks again.

p.s. i'm in terry 9 btw.

p.p.s. i'm going to go shopping for granola with my vegan-for-life best friend now.

Textbooks Paid For

Yep, the textbooks off your fall quarter class list FOR FREE

What's up guys, hope you're enjoyin summer and lovin that we get another month off while everybody else has to go back to school.
The company I intern'd for this summer (though now I'm going to go backpacking for a month) is going to buy two students textbooks fall quarter. The contest is easy and free.

Check out

Pretty slick,