August 20th, 2006


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Hey, this is a promo, but I think it's related. If a moderater disagrees, definitely feel free to delete it, but I'm posting it for now in good faith.

If anyone else here is '10, there is a community for just us young ones, uw10. It's not exactly active now, so it would be cool if some people from here would join up.

Haggett Hall


So I thought I would for surely get either Terry or Lander since I'm an incoming Freshman but I got assigned to Haggett. I don't even remember applying there but I must have. I just stayed in Terry for a month for the summer and really loved the rooms

I have heard really little about Haggett, word of mouth and in the memories, except that the rooms are hexagonal and it's not the best?? I looked at the room diagram and it seems like you share everything (closet,desk) and there are no dressers.

Anybody who's lived there or been there have any information on it?

And if I really don't like my dorm when's the next time I can request to be reassigned to a different hall?

Thanks :D

oh shit

Quick, panicky question: I had been renting out a locker in the Art building during Summer quarter, and I just realized that Friday was the last day. I completely spaced on that fact, and as a result, have not cleaned my crap out of the locker. However, they were usually good about putting notes on the lockers, reminding students to clean out the lockers before the end of the quarter; this quarter, no note.

I haven't been able to reach the Art advising office (since it's a Sunday and all, I figured). Anyone know if my stuff would be okay until tomorrow? Or should I be prepared to pay them to retrieve it? I'm good at panicking.
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