August 19th, 2006

Buffalo Exchange

Does anyone know how much Buffalo Exchange gives for your clothes?

I have a bunch of brand-name shirts in good-condition that I never wear and a pair of designer capris.

Also, are there any other thrift stores that buy your stuff for a good price?

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I know there's a darkroom in Terry/Lander, but is there another one anywhere else on campus? I'm worried that any other on campus might be restricted to photography students or something. Prove me wrong?

[ETA:] Forgot to specify - a darkroom not in a dorm. ^^

(no subject)

Okay, I just joined the community. I'm an incoming freshman. I'm looking at my list of textbooks I need, and rather unhappy. Selling back is a rip-off, and I was wondering if UW has or I could set up a huge list of people who would be willing to trade/sell/lend books, completely separate from the book store, like my friends did back in Running Start. So, if you know of a system, could you comment?