August 2nd, 2006



I'm visiting UW tonight and I'm planning to meet up with a few friends somewhere in the University District. I don't know the area at all.

Do you know of a good bar to meet up with a some friends? Somewhere with good beer and a decent atmosphere... A bar that is walking distance from campus would be preferable.

  • e5a


Does anyone know if the IMA has a prorate sign up membership at this point of the summer, I know it is $48 for the summer...but just curious if it is prorated at all?
  • sowelu

(no subject)

I'm looking to get into some kickboxing-like sport at the IMA next quarter. Last year I took about a quarter and a half of Aikido, but I think I'm looking for something that's a little less disciplined and that will show me better how to beat the living crap out of a punching bag. I know discipline is very important for martial arts, but right now I'm looking for something with a focus on aggressiveness and where I can get into realistic sparring techniques pretty quickly. (Aikido doesn't seem like something you can even start to use, even sparring with a random non-Aikido user, until you have years of practice.) I'm not in great shape, but I'm hoping to take the "fight club" approach to fitness here combined with other training...My final year of computer science will give me plenty of aggression to spend.

Can anyone recommend an appropriate sport or art that they usually teach at the IMA, or very close to north campus? Is kickboxing one of the things they have there?