July 25th, 2006


(no subject)

Some time-line type questions... Does anyone know when:

-They post the IMA Class Schedule for Fall?

-You hear back about College of Engineering applications?

-You are eligible for taking out a short term loan for Fall quarter(I'm guessing this is sometime after Summer Quarter's finals?)

Any info is appreciated!

housing...with a dog...

I am looking for a place to live this fall... I need somewhere just for fall quarter (or something close to that) and also somewhere that will allow me to have my large but incredibly chill golden retriever. I am open to rooms, apartments, whatever... This is obviously very difficult thing to find so any advice or leads will be greatly appreciated!!! (and yes, I am checking craigslist religiously)

English major

I never thought I'd say this, but I think I could use a little rain...

As of late I'm finding myself considering the possibility of a double major in history and English. I'm already in the history major, it's just a matter of applying to the English one. I noticed that English is a competitive major, so my question is how challenging have those of you who applied found the whole process to be? Is the major really hard to get into? And for those of you who are already in, how hard is the general courseload? Would a double major be doable or suicidal? I'm done with nearly all of my history requirements already, so I think I could do it but I wouldn't actually know heh. Thanks!