July 7th, 2006

please HELP

I really need to move out of my wretched house and be free.
Just the other day I heard there are rentals as low as $150 just because of the apartment locations (i.e. noisy kids next door, etc.)
Anyone have suggestions of where to look, or care to drop a network hint?
I'm very clean and fun and nice and promise to be an amazing room/housemate!
reply here or email at hachilama@yahoo.com
thank you!

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this is a long shot but....

is there anyone here who is registered for portuguese 101 this autumn and would be willing to drop it????


ill give up my spot in dance 101!
peter_olivia - me

bike engraving

Anyone know of any bike shops near North Campus (I know Performance does them, but I'd rather not venture that far unless I'm forced to) that does engravings? I know the UW bike shop does them for free (or a small fee) but they're only open M-Th, from 12-4 or something ridiculous like that and I have class and work all day on those days (darn them).

Does TiCycles or Recycled Cycles do engravings?

Thanks for any responses!

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English graduation ceremony

I know this is a long shot, but does anyone have a copy of last month's English Departmental graduation ceremony? I'm willing to shell out money for it since my copy's ruined. I contacted the English department but they didn't videotape it. I'm writing here in hopes that I might have something other than my hazy memory of the event to keep for posterity. Thanks!