July 5th, 2006


S/NS grading option

I may just be completely missing the obvious, but does anyone know if I can still change a full-term Summer course to the S/NS grading option at this point? And if so, will this incur a fee?
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GRE Study Partner/Group?

I just got all my GRE books and things and I'm ready to study for my GRE test which is in September.  If anyone is looking for a study partner or someone to meet up with in a library for study company or something, let me know! I need motivation to study especially since its summer and I'm more likely to veg out on my couch then pick up my book...
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Shower Curtains

I need to get shower curtains today, but also need to get to sleep by 9:30pm... Can anyone tell me where I can find nice shower rings (pref. silver ball/weight design) and cloth shower curtains (not the gross vinyl kind) in the U-District or U-Village?

Thanks :)
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