July 4th, 2006

pon de lion

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I'm an exchange student to UW for next year, and I'm curious to know if UW students tend to be open-minded or if I should be worried. I'm a transgendered student staying in the dorms, and I'm kind of worried because gender identity isn't included in UW's discrimination policy (I'm coming from UO where it is). Does UW tend to be a pretty liberal place? Are there any resources for things not included within the discrimination policy, or am I just screwed if I get into trouble? Any idea of what kind of people I can expect to encounter as a whole would be helpful. Thanks! D:

Requirements for incoming freshman

I'm trying to figure out what requirements I'll have to satisfy before I can graduate. Is there a specific set of requirements for all students of the university as a whole, then requirements for your college, and then requirements for individual majors? Is there a list of what all these requirements are (in detail) and what classes satisfy every requirement? I've checked the memories.
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