June 29th, 2006

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ironically ...

... my bike was stolen last night at Nordheim. It's ironic because last night I had asked if anyone knew of the website that had the listings of all the bike racks on campus and such.

I'm pretty sure the idiots were drunk and hanging out beneath the complex next to mine (which is where I store my bike), because there was a pile of burnt matches next to the bike rack. I think they had broken my chain (they couldn't have cut it) 'cause signs of my chain were nonexistent -- and yes, I was going to get a U-Lock this weekend and no, my bike was neither insured or registered (something I was also going to do this weekend).

I'm also pretty sure that I was not the only victim, as another bike was left lying on the lawn next to my complex, abandoned -- I'm assuming the bike was either unrideable, or they heard someone coming.

So my question is -- am I supposed to report this to UWPD? I know for a fact that they can't do anything about it -- or won't do anything about it, because my bike wasn't registered, and it's probably being sold on the black market or something, but I'm wondering if this will press them to put out a notification informing the residents to look after their bikes, or at least to send around extra patrols at night.

Also, where's a good place to buy a bike? o.o I know Performance is on Roosevelt -- do they have pretty good prices? I also know of a bike shop on the Burke-Gilman, near Nordheim and U-Village. Anyone buy a bike from there?

Thanks for reading this long post!
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Question for math-majors

Has any undergraduate math-major taken a grad math course from the UW math department? I am debating taking one now and am interested in any feedback. What is the workload like? How are the grading or problems different from those of an undergrad course? How were the exams? How was the teaching stile different?
Thanks for this and any information you can add...