June 27th, 2006

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any good suggestions for non-office jobs still close to uw? i'm not really sure who's hiring anymore down at u-village, i've been training downtown the last few weeks to work at the new specialtys cafe and bakery opening by the u-village gap but it was the most awful job you could ever imagine. thanks in advance to any advice one might lend.


Ok, so I decided to transfer to UW and I really am not all that familiar with the U-District. Seattle all that well... How would you recommend and rate the apartment buildings listed below in terms location,interior/furniture, social vibe, noisiness, overall experience etc.. any other comments or suggestions are appreciated as well
Commodore-Duchess, Nordheim Court ,Radford Court Stevens Court Stevens Court Addition.


so about the hours of the computer lab in the art building. this is on their website:

Summer Qtr 2006 Hours

Regular Hours (beginning July 1)
Mon - Thurs 12:00pm - 4:30pm

..but its week two, and not yet july first. Anyone work there and know when they open tomorrow? I tried calling them to see if I would get a voicemail/recording specifying their hours but no luck.