June 26th, 2006

(no subject)

A couple of questions:

1. I was on myUW and under the Student Personal Services you have the link 'Registration'. When do you Register? Is that option only done during Orientation and Advising or after O & A?

2. Are there any other ways to get financial aid other than FAFSA? How do you get scholarships?

3. Can you get aid for the spring quarter or do I have to wait til next year and only get for the autum quarter?

4. Has anyone done an EFS Honors class? I'm thinking of changing mine to an Honors one which is now open to everyone, but is the work load the same?

5. What do I absolutely need to bring to my dorm? I'm out of state so I need to watch what I bring...and do I need the following things or are they provided for by UW:
a) bulletin board with pins
b) drying rack for wet laundry
c) fabric softner/washing liquid
d) trash can
any others?