June 24th, 2006

Bored on a Saturday night?

Husky Capture the Flag is kicking off the summer season of middle-of-the-night glow stick chasing with an inaugural match tonight! Come join us! The weather is looking quite in favor of the event.

We'll be meeting at 10:30pm at Drumheller Fountain. If you show up, feel free to introduce yourself to me. I'm Jenny, the crazy gal who is primarily in charge.


Hi, I am moving out of my apartment in one week and need to get rid of my couch as soon as possible. It is 7' long x 2.5' high x 3' deep. It is not in perfect condition, but it is still usable and comfortable. $20 OBO.

I also have a dresser, but it is more important that I sell the couch. I have no pictures of the dresser, but it is white and it is in usable condition.

Pictures, below the cut, email me at lmlopez at u washington.edu

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guan gung

x posted in the seattle community but i gotta get this sold

Two Numark TTX1s, two Shure cartrigdes, all wires, Numark PPD 01 mixer. All in perfect condition, well cared for, never heavily scratched on. These decks are direct drive with the best torque on the market, on par with the Technics SL-1200. $600 OBO

Looking to sell ASAP because I am moving out of the country. May be looking to partially trade for 1 gig and higher SD cards.


Still trying to sell this stuff....


Two lab coats - white - very clean - one is a size "small" and one is a size "14"

$2 EACH:

For your philosophy class:
"Ethics" by Cahn and Markie

For you pre-law kids - these books are great!!!:
"Law School Essays that Made a Difference" - Princeton Review / Eric Owens
The 2006 "U.S News Ultimate Guide to Law Schools" - the 2007 may be new and revised, but if you just need a good idea of the general rankings and statistics, why pay more?!

I can meet you in the U-District - if you want any of the above, leave a comment with your email address or phone number and we'll make arrangements