June 20th, 2006


Livejournal Confessional

It was talked about a couple days ago. Here it is!

Anonymous Confessions Time!

Post anything you want here. Be it a confession, story, phobias, secrets, whatever. But post anonymously and honestly. And if you reply to any particular one, be respectful.

Note: I’ll enable anonymous posting for about two weeks, if you stumble onto this thread afterwards, you’re going to have to confess without the shield of anonymity.

For ideas go to:

Postsecret Blog

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UC Berkeley's Anonymous Confessions

U-Pass changes.

In light of all the recent U-pass talk on this community I decided to email the U-pass information address listed on the website and get some answers.

They informed me that U-passes will be changing starting in 2007. All Husky Cards will have a photo ID (not just students--faculty and staff as well) and the U-pass stickers will disappear. Instead the ID will become a "smart card" with a chip in it. These chips will determine U-pass coverage. If a U-pass is lost, the old card will be inactivated and a new one activated. This way no one will be able to have more than one card out there with their name on it and a U-pass sticker being used by a friend/family member/etc.

Hopefully this will keep costs down.

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anyone know what i can do with old textbooks? these are books the bookstore wouldn't take back and that i have no use for. i was hoping that there would be some used bookstore that would take them for cash or credit or something, but if not i guess i will just give them to the salvation army or something. but i figured i might as well check here to see if anyone had any suggestions, because i'd prefer to get something for them.

p.s. i have tried selling them online and it got me nowhere.


Well hey there everybody!

For those of you like myself who are both attending summer quarter and really following the world cup, any places on campus have tv's set up for watching? I've got a short break that joins up with the Argentina match tomorrow, but if I have to walk to Bulldog on the ave, I'll spend half my break just walking to and from the tv.

Any places? I can only think that maybe I can get control of a set at By George...
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