June 18th, 2006

UW Tacoma classes?

Hey there, so after surfing the UW and UW Tacoma sites for the past hour, i'm just about fed up. I am admitted to UW for fall quarter, and am wondering if I can just take classes at UW Tacoma by registering for them through MyUW. It's evident to me that it is an entirely separate school, but by being admitted to UW main campus, does that make me automatically eligible to take classes at UW-T? It'd be like right next door to my house and i'd love to not do the commute if at all possible. Thanks in advance for any info you can bestow upon me!

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Happy summer :)

I was wondering if anyone happen to work at any of the Uvillage resturants? [ie. like the RAM, Atlis...ect...] Do you like it? Can I ask what an average tip night would look like?
My finance is thinking of moving resturants [he works @ chilis right now] and would like to move closer to home/school and was looking to appy at some of the Village resturants. 

Thanks for any info!