June 17th, 2006

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Reselling a UPASS

I remember there being some posts a long time ago, where people yelled at people for wanting to buy or sell their UPasses.  Is this action  /that/ frowned upon? If this heinous crime is forgivable to any extent... I was wondering if someone was willing to sell theirs. 

Also, are they $37 or $41 for Summer Quarter?
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weird tuition fee

Hi, I have a $100 UPASS FEE on my tuition statement and i dont know what the hell it's for. Did this happen to anyone else? I sent an email to SFS but they are taking a long time to reply so I sent them another one today, and of course, all the phone lines are busy. Just wondering if anyone had experience with a weird fee like that/knows what it is or if it happened to anyone else. Grazie!