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Friday, June 16th, 2006

Time:1:10 am.
I'm a transfer student trying to decide between UW and a couple of other schools to attend next fall. I'm not 100% on what I want to major in yet but I have the thoughts of journalism, marketing, and/or advertising in mind. I don't think the UW even has an advertising program or not that I saw on their website. Any opinions on those majors (how good the programs there are?) and I heard that applying to lots of the majors at UW is very competetive?

Finally, just to see some pros and cons from some students that actually have been attending here - what do you LOVE/like about UW and the area in general and what do you HATE/wish was different/isn't a strong point of the UW?

Thanks to anyone who answers any of the questions, it will help me out!
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Time:1:31 pm.
Does anyone know when the summer U-passes get sent out?
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Time:5:27 pm.
My roomate decided she wants to go to France in the fall (after we just renewed our lease), so I'm attempting to find someone to take over our lease.

It's a 2 bedroom apartment on 42nd and 7th.
It's available July 1st
The lease is through June 2007 and it's 875/month (300 dollars off July).
No untilities are included, but they arent more then 50 dollars a month/person during the winter

Please let me know if you are interested! I got blindsided by this and want to get it resolved as soon as possible.
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Time:8:34 pm.
Hey all, question on Kung Fu around the U-- I'm pretty much a beginner and I'm looking for a good place to learn that I'll be able to stick with for a while.  

Are there any good ones in the u district?  What about the experimental college classes, how are those?
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