June 11th, 2006

Easily amused

omg cute birdies!

Hey, on the off-chance there are any ornathology or bird-watching enthusiasts on this community, there's a big squeaky group of the most amazing little birds outside my window on Greek Row. They range in size from just smaller than a robin to almost as small as a sparrow and they have red breasts and red heads! Tiny brown or black beaks, brown and gray bodies. The tail is proportionally long, looks like almost half of the length of the body (that is, the body without the tail). They have stripes, I think. It's hard to get a good look because they do not stay still! So cute. Anybody know what they are?

UW for grad school?

Hi! I'm considering UW for a graduate degree in either Computer Science or Electrical Engineering (focusing on Communications or Embedded Systems). I'm looking for student input on the CS/EE department. How is it? Are the classes challenging? Do grads get many chances to work one-on-one with professors doing or are research opportunities scarce?

My fiance is also considering the CS grad program, but he's a big Linux geek and he's worried about Redmond being so close to Seattle. Are there open source communities on campus or is it just a big Windows fest?