June 10th, 2006


repost, BIOL 100 booksellin'

I dropped this class after a week or so so these books are like brand new. I never touched them, really. Priced as marked or best offer!

BIOLOGY: LIFE ON EARTH (Custom edition for the UW) $10
Auderisk, Auderisk, Byers

Lab Manual (from Autumn 2005) $5

Lecture Companion (from Autumn 2005) $5
beachy keen

please buy my stuff

i've posted before and i'm still trying to get rid of my stuff before i move to hawaii. there are new things that i am trying to sell. all items under the cut. please contact me at cheryln at u.washington.edu. i can really only deliver the small things within the university district since i don't have a car. sorry if you've seen this in seattlebuysell, i'm not trying to spam but i need to get rid of my stuff. come on people i know you're moving into new apartments! thanks!

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