June 7th, 2006

french practice

does anyone know of any good places to practice french? (classes? book groups? conversation groups?)

i'm going to france in september and its been a year since i've taken my last french class so i need to practice a bit before i leave. i've checked around and found classes ranging from $200 to $400 for the summer, but these are still pretty short. any recommendations would be great! thanks.

SIS 401 in Summer?

Anybody taking SIS 401 this quarter with Latsch?

I'm selling three textbooks that are required for the class if anyone is interested. =)

1. The Shackled Continent - Robert Guest - $18

2. Liberty for Latin America - Vargas Llosa - $16

3. How the West Grew Rich - Rosenberg - $12

Email me at DeviantSaint@gmail.com and we can schedule to meet. Thanks!
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Studio for rent

Hey guys. I live in the Neptune building and it is a great place to live- it's close to everything, not too loud, no weird smells etc. You can occasionally hear the bass on the movies next door but nothing serious. There is a studio for rent at the moment, and it's fairly large with water, heat, electricity, and cable included, all for less than $600. I highly advise checking it out if you're looking for a place to live. The landlord is pretty awesome as well. The phone number is on the "for rent" sign on the door downstairs.
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Kenny Chesney tix

Hey, I know this is off-topic, so feel free to delete...

My brother has two tickets to Kenny Chesney at Qwest field on Saturday, June 24th that he can't use. Great seats, section 334, row JJ. 90 for the pair, email him if you're interested: ponha_lim@msn.com

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quick concert news

Not UW-related but if any of you out there had been, like me, wondering when Harvey Danger was gonna start doing shows again, the answer's now! :)

This Friday night at the Crocodile w/Tim Seely and Racetrack, $10, 21+.

Then on the 15th there's gonna be the SIFF party at Neumo's with bands, including Sean Nelson & His Mortal Enemies, playing songs from SIFF movies. $6 advance/$8 doors, also 21+.