June 6th, 2006

Textbooks (and lab coats!) for sale...

For Sale for Microbiology 301:

Microbiology: A Human Perspective (4th Edition) - Nester
This has some highlighting in the first few chapters and then sporadically in later chapters. I was a very poor student in this class and it shows in the good quality of the book :) It is a used copy, but it should treat you well. The class upgraded to the 5th edition, but I can't imagine a large difference in material.

$15 OBO

For sale for chemistry labs

TWO lab coats; one "size 14" and one "small." Great condition...no noticable dirtiness.

$5 each or both for $6.

For philosophy classes

- Introduction to Philosophy by Ann Baker - $10 (note: this is not the same one being used for summer quarter phil 100)

- Ethics by Steven Cahn and Peter Markie - $10

- "A dialoge on Personal Identiy and Immortality" -$2 alone or free if you buy something else.

I will deliver to or meet you anywhere in the U-District! Cash only, please :)
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hey kids,

hope finals are going well for everyone.  i have 2 books that i'd like to get rid of...

the french text used in 100 series (101, 102, 103) by meyer.  like new condition, payed over $100 at ubs.  $40

processes & hazards (chernicoff) used in ess 105.  also obscenely expensive new (i think 80/90ish).  like new.  $35

contact me if you're interested:  perstare at gmail dot com

Lost and Found locations

Other than the HUB, where might the Lost and Founds be on campus?

Alternatively, anybody seen a thin black jacket with hood and light blue trim? It was left in Johnson 175, it disappeared, and my efforts thus far to discover its whereabouts have been in vain.

peter_olivia - me

Nordheim sublet this summer

Posted this a couple times last week, but I've changed the details of the rent.

If any girl is wanting to live in Nordheim this summer (somewhere between June-Aug or July-Aug), please respond to this post or email me at (lizaw@u.washington.edu). I've reduced the rent to $575 (was $605 -- the previous post had a major typo), because I'm seriously desperate to get this room off my hands. If you can stay through August, that would be even better.

Comes with utilities and cable and ethernet and 24 hr fitness ... I mean, this place is a friggin' paradise. I just don't want to live there.

So yeah, just email me or respond to this post. I promise a quick response.

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Does anyone need a parking pass for ceremonies on June 9?

I ordered one for that day, and it turns out that my department is doing everything on the 10th. So if anyone wants it, it's yours (free)!

biopsych final

Would anyone who has taken Biopsychology (psych 202) care to share with me some hints on what the final exam is like and how to study for it?

Is it mostly focused on the last chapters we covered with a little bit of stuff from the previous sections, or is the material evenly distributed? Also, how much of the test is dedicated to the diagrams from the coloring book?

Any tips or information you can give me would be much appreciated! My admittance into the Psych major depends on it!
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Food Handler's Permit

Hey guys, I am almost positive I had seen this question here before, but it's not in the memories and I don't have the time to search through the entire community, as you'd imagine, so: can anyone offer me some information on obtaining a food handler's permit in this county? Or, more importantly, how long the class/exam itself takes? Thanks.
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All of these are in great condition.

Zumdahl's Chemical Principals
5th ed. -- $75 -- (UBookstore used: $113.85)
(very good condition - barely used)   [gen chem]

Biological Science  2nd Ed. - Freeman -- $80 --
(very good condition - barely used)   [gen bio]

Stars, Galaxies & Cosmology 3rd Ed.
- Bennet -- $40 --
(barely used, almost new)    [astro 101, 102]

Communication in History 4th ed. - Crowley and Heyer --  $50 --
(very good condition - some writing)  [com 201]

SOLD - Foundations of Physiological Psychology 6th ed. - Carlson --  $70 -- 
(good condition, some writing)   [psych 202]

SOLD - 5th ed. Calculus Solution Manuals - (2 books, for Math 124/125/126) -- $20 each   [calc series]

SOLD-Physics for Scientists and Engineers -- R. Knight -- $56.00--  (UBookstore used price: $75)
New workbook (goes with text): $29.00  (Ubookstore used price: $37.50)     [phys 121/122/123]
This one is in like-new condition. Workbook hasn't been used.

    OBO for any of these.

    And yes, I have these posted on Shukoo and other random textbook exchange sites. LJ works better :]

    We can meet at the UBookstore, or somewhere on campus, whenever. Thanks :) 
    Please post here or I'm on gaim: StarClusterM45

(Last update: June 10, 2006)


i don't think anyone will care but i have the microbiology 301 textbook. i have the 4th edition for 30 dollars and the second edition for 10 bucks.
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Just curious, was anyone stuck in the early morning i-5 northbound traffic this morning? (caused by that shooting & stuff).. I just hope anyone that was stuck in that traffic jam made it to finals on time. oy.