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Monday, June 5th, 2006

Subject:Where to sell books?
Time:1:05 pm.
I've got two big boxes of books (one fiction, one non-fiction) I've accumlated over the years and I'd like to try and make a little money by selling them to a used bookstore. I don't have anything special or rare, just an average collection of novels and such.

I know Half-Priced Books will take them, but hear they're pretty cheap. Anybody have suggestions on where to sell books in order to get the best deal?

Thanks in advance.
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Time:2:31 pm.
If I have to have a paper into a mailbox in Smith tonight, is it pretty absolute that the building will be closed at 5pm, or is there still usually someone in there one could get to open the doors?
I'm in Issaquah and need to get to UW, print out my paper, and turn it into the Geography Dept. by the time Smith closes today, and I'm not so sure I'll be able to do that...
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Time:3:57 pm.
When will grades be officially posted for this quarter?

Also, if I could be directed to where I can find this information on MyUW in the future, that would be great.
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Time:4:30 pm.
I graduated in June 2005, and in November, they removed my dante account. However, I had been an employee for UW while going to school, and had my dante account accessable from homer. I have also been working the last year at UW, postbac. So when my dante account went away, my homer account remained, and I've been using that for the past six months as primary e-mail. However, I am leaving employment at the UW on Friday. Will computing delete my homer account at that point, or will it simply remain?
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Time:8:15 pm.
I'm considering the freshman discovery seminars as part of the early fall start program and was wondering if anyone had any opinions on it. is it interesting? worth it?
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Subject:books 4 sale: BIOL 100 Drugs w/ Martin-Morris
Time:11:37 pm.
I dropped this class after a week or so so these books are like brand new. I never touched them, really. Priced as marked or best offer!

BIOLOGY: LIFE ON EARTH (Custom edition for the UW) $10
Auderisk, Auderisk, Byers

Lab Manual (from Autumn 2005) $5

Lecture Companion (from Autumn 2005) $5

DRUGS & THE HUMAN BODY (7th Edition) $14
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