June 4th, 2006

Fire alarm in CS/EE

Does anyone know what caused the fire alarm in the CS/EE building about 45 minutes ago?

Is there any kind of real time web page documenting emergency (fire/police) responses for this area? (Preferably documented in text rather than a scanner audio stream.)
fleur de lys

finally giving into the ipod

I'd like some UW opinions.. should I buy a 4g Nano ipod or one of the standard 30g ones? I was stuck on the 4g one, but now I'm thinking I should dish out the extra $60 for the 26 extra gigs and hopefully it'll last me a lot longer...

Also, should I buy it at the UW tech center with 20% discount and no returns (all stuff dealt with apple and their warranties/policies) or at the Apple store with 10% discount- and the option of returning, etc.. ?