June 1st, 2006


Journalism at UW?

My friend Suzy goes to Seattle U at the moment and hates it. She loves UW and all of her friends are here, but she's heard some not so good things about her major (journalism) at the UW.

Can anyone offer any wisdom/advice/likes/dislikes/etc. about the journalism/comm major (I don't know if they're a seperate entity or together or what?) at UW? She's a sophomore this year and the copy editor at the school newspaper. I don't know if that's important.

Any help is greatly appreciated! :o)

All we've really heard is that the comm department at UW isn't the best.

More journalism stuff

Speaking of journalism... :) I have an interest in writing for the Daily, but I'm not sure how to go about getting involved there. Do I just walk in and say, "I want to write"? I don't have any specific news-writing experience but I do have a solid set of writing skills in general. Anyone have any pointers/tips for how to go about this? Thanks!

*As a sidenote, I'm aware of the love/hate relationship the campus seems to have for this paper, but I still feel like it would be worth my time to get involved. I'm considering going into journalism later on, and I figure this is a good place to start.
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(no subject)

Hey all. My offer still stands for anyone interested in living in Nordheim. Just go back a couple posts on this community and you'll find the conditions. Thanks.

PS - I've tried negotiating with those bastards from several directions, and they still won't budge. Anyone get the feeling Nordheim's getting desperate for residents???
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A fun thing to do this weekend

My apologies if you've already seen this in the seattle_events community. I'm reposting it here because there are a number of current and former UW folks involved in putting this on, but I haven't seen any flyers for it around campus.

Saturday, June 3 - Seattle, WA - Woodland Park

Camp Tomato 2006!

Camp Tomato is a day of games, activities, food and silliness for tomatoes of all ages, denominations and colors in Seattle's Woodland Park (the Park, not the Zoo.) It is ridiculously fun. We will begin with a potluck picnic at 1 pm and activities will go until after 5.

Use the park entrance on N 50th St between Aurora and Greenlake. We will meet at "Picnic Area 1." I think we will be pretty easy to spot...

If you don't belive that this will be fun, take a look at last year's Camp Tomato here and here.

A $5 donation is requested. Please also bring at least one tomato. Also bring an article of clothing you'd like to have printed on and your tomato scout headbands if you already have them...

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(no subject)

Huh. Congratulations on graduating, cow! The Alumni Association will now sell your address and your parents' address (or what they think your parents' address is) to every company imaginable!

Anyone else get the GradMed spam? My favorite part: Despite the UW Alumni Association return address, the postmark says "Mailed from ZIP code: 43221". Which, conveniently enough, is not far from the GradMed people's PO box...

So, yeah. Looks like the Alumni Association is happily selling contact information to outside companies who provide services that I, at least, have no need for. Anyone had any luck on getting their contact info taken off the list? If so, how? So far, the Alumni Association hasn't been real keen on doing that.

(As for my comment about parents' address: they seem to send parental stuff to the permanent address, which I have listed as my address as well, since there's really no reason for anyone to be contacting my parents at this point.)

Comm question (one of those days eh??)

It's me again... So for you communication majors/prospective majors: How hard is the comm program to get into? I'm aware you need high scores in the specific comm classes, but how important is the rest of one's GPA? [Mine isn't bad but isn't the highest either... I guess it's average] I've heard mixed things about ease of getting in, and am just wondering if my even thinking about it is worth the time. Thanks again!
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Summer IMA use

Just wondering if any of you guys know what the policy is for using the IMA during the summer. Do you have to be enrolled during the summer quarter? I went to the website and it was kind of confusing, so I figured I'd just ask here cause maybe someone else has the same question.
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