May 29th, 2006


Save Darfur Coalition @ UW
Monday May 29 (Memorial Day),
Participating restaurants will donate approximately 5% of all proceeds for that day to Doctor's without Borders for aid in Darfur. All you have to do is show up! Below is the website for the participating restaurants and it will updated soon.

1. Trabant Chai Lounge - Seattle (on NE 45th between American Apparrel & the comic book store)
2. The Bagel Deli - Seattle
3. Omar Al-Khyam Restaurant - Renton

Want to buy an iPod nano?

I figure this could somehow be UW-related...

I won a black 2GB iPod nano a couple of weeks ago, but since I already own a 4GB nano, I'm probably looking to sell the one I won. It's brand new, sealed, and exchangeable for a white one, if you really care. They are $180 (with student discount, tax not included) at the Apple store, so I'd be willing to sell it for $150. Anyone want it? If not, I'll just go the eBay route, I guess...but if anyone's intersted, you can e-mail me:

Edit: Sold. Thanks for the e-mails.
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I'm doing some research on moving out of the dorms, and I'd love some input/help. If you've got a minute, jot some things down for me. :)

How old/how far along in school were you when you moved off-campus? Why? Did you live in shared housing with friends or did you get your own studio? What resources did you use - Craigslist or something else?

Any help would be appreciated.

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Does anyone know of an apartment complex that allows cats thats near campus? Like, easy walking distance. I know of Ivy Ridge, which is sorta expensive, and Washington Square, which is really small... any others?