May 28th, 2006


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I was reading through some past posts for some help with renting an apartment and I saw a couple post mentioning that Coho Real Estate should be avoided. A couple days ago my roommates and I set up an appointment and checked out the place at 11th and 43rd (a Coho apartment) and it really didn't seem like too bad a place. However, after reading those posts I’m a bit concerned. If anyone could give me some specifics on why they don't like Coho, I would really appreciate it. Thanks.

Early Fall Start Courses

Have anyone picked and registered for their class for Early Fall Start?
I'm going to do a Discovery Seminar and they all sound so cool!

Anyone care to lend their opinion on a class they have taken or chose?

i'm trying to decide between:
Communicating with Cultural Others
Introduction to Cultural Studies: Film Noir and American Pop Culture
The Creative Process
Zen and the Art of Being a College Student
Concepts in Global Health


ps. i'm thinking of renting a room at college in?(think that's the name) for A&O. and wondered if it was a nice,decent place?
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